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Pavilion Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the Pavilion of the new Las Caras de Mexico Golf Course at La Ventana del Mar. The Pavilion currently serves a number of purposes including the main venue for golf course related services including the temporary clubhouse for the new Las Caras de Mexico golf course. So much has been written about the golf course that little attention has been given to the new restaurant. The Pavilion Restaurant recently opened providing a new level of cuisine not found elsewhere in the San Felipe area.

Make the trip to the Pavilion Restaurant and sample the exceptionally fine dining being offered.

Hours of Operation:

Monday- Closed
Tuesday- 8am to 10pm (Movie Night)
Wednesday- 8am to 10pm (Poker & Movie Night)
Thursday- 8am to 5pm
Friday- 8am to 5pm
Saturday- 9am to 5pm
Sunday- 9am to 5pm (Sunday Brunch)


Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu
Pizza Menu
Dinner Menu

686 576-0519
686-200-4000 ext. 4122
Office Admin: 686 200 4000 ext. 4121
Cesar Quirarte, Food & Beverage General Manager: 686-216-1938
Email: cesar.quirarte@doradoranch.com.mx

Pavilions Restaurant

Pavilions Restaurant


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